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Composting made easy and predictable
  • Composting as a Service
    Professional way  to compost your green resources

Composting green resources and diverting them from landfills 

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Making waste management easy

Solid waste management bylaws 2020 mandate all bulk waste generators, greater than 100 homes, to compost at source. Communities have a challenge in high upfront cost of equipment, space constraints and lack expertise to operate a composting unit successfully.

We help communities manage waste responsibly in an efficient, predictable and professional way at a reasonable cost.

​Benefits to the community:

  • Makes communities compliant by enabling hassle free composting at their location
  • Customized solution for the apartment
  • Converts CAPEX to OPEX
  • Professionally managed end to end
  • Predictable OPEX - fixed monthly cost
  • Monthly review meetings
  • Data collection and monthly reports
  • Issue management and resolution
  • Regular staff training and supervision
  • Connects excess compost to organic farmers

Impact of Food composting

Organic matter when sent to landfills releases methane, a greenhouse gas several times more potent than carbon di oxide.Composting reduces the amount of methane emissions and fixes the soil.

Impact of Leaf composting

Leaf composting minimises greenhouse gas emissions.Simple leaf composting instead of burning or sending to landfills helps fight climate change in addition to improves soil health, reduced soil loss, increased water infiltration and storage

Reduce Capex and make it opex?

If upfront large cost is a challenge for you to start composting, we can help

Sustainable waste management 

Simple solutions would not do?

We can help you design a solution that fits you best. Email us on sales.manager@stonesoup.in

Solutions that work for you 

At Aaditi, we build customised solutions as we believe each customer is different and given our experience, we can help them find just the right solution for them. 

Building a better tomorrow—today

Sustainable Development Goals

Climate action

Promoting sustainable waste management and diverting waste from landfills.Reducing carbon and waste footprint of communities.Decreasing negative impact of waste on health and environment 


Making communities compliant by enabling composting at their location.Reducing their waste footprint and promoting sustainable waste management.

Circular economy 

We connect compost from communities to farmers and close the loop as well as promote organic farming .SDGs cannot be achieved without sustainable soil management which start with sustainable waste management.

Life on Land

Promoting soil health to build soil organic carbon.Healthy soil is home to millions of living organisms.Composting contributes in restoring soil quality ,sequestering carbon in soils and minimising Green House Gas emissions.

What we do

We specialise in providing professional services and products for organic waste management. Everything we do is aimed towards our vision of zero waste cities.We are up skilling people and creating employment in green sector.

The CO2 released during composting is considered biogenic, so is not considered in greenhouse gas calculations. Good composting solutions like ours do not use shredder or any machinery and follow aerobic method accelerated by microbes, it balances the carbon:nitrogen ratio and provides adequate aeration and moisture to minimise GHG emissions.Composting and using compost for gardening, contributes in a positive way to restoring soil quality and sequestering carbon in soils. It helps build-up soil organic carbon over time and reduces the rate at which organic matter is depleted from soils.Over time, increasing organic matter in soils also has other greenhouse gas-saving effects, such as better water retention of soil, less production and use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and reduced release of nitrous oxide - a potent greenhouse gas.

We dream of a cleaner and greener planet which can sustain life on earth 

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Food resource

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Back to soil

Creating an impact by reducing waste footprint, reducing carbon emissions and creating a circular economy around food waste by converting it into nutrient rich compost which is connected to organic farmers. Creating better working conditions and up skilling staff to turn them into leaders in green sector. Join hands with us and we can create a positive impact on health and environment